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Wiffle Ball tournament to Benefit the Strike3 Foundation
Oct 10th, 2015

Bigger than a Baseball Fan's Imagination

Little Fenway: Bigger than a Baseball Fan's Imagination

A story of the construction and events that surround this unique wiffleball field that has become every baseball fan's dream


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Golden Stick Wiffle League

A Backyard Game Taken Way Too Far

How Can I Play?

One of our goals is to enable more people to have the opportunity to play at Little Fenway. In addition to the charity tournaments, we host group outings for folks who can make a contribution toward the upkeep of Little Fenway and/or Little Wrigley. Please contact Pat O'Connor (homerunpat@gmail.com) if you are interested in using the field. A contribution of $500 to Little Fenway will help us ensure that every group has the same quality experience that all previous groups have had. Over the years we have witnessed businesses, sports teams, families, community organizations, and other groups have a spectacular time at Little Fenway. We are simply amazed at how men, women, boys, and girls, of all ages, can have a thoroughly enjoyable time trying to hit a home run over the Green Monster, or running the bases, or fielding a grounder, or simply watching the action.

What is Little Wrigley?

Little Wrigley

Little Wrigley is a unique 1/4th scale replica of Chicago's Wrigley Field in the backyard of Pat & Beth O'Connor's house in Essex, Vermont. It was built in 2007 (modeled after Little Fenway) to increase tournament capacity and is used exclusively for Wiffle ball games. Several major charity fund-raising tournaments are held at Little Wrigley every year. To date, over $1.2 Million has been raised for various charities. Smiles, laughter, and warm memories are the name of the game at Little Wrigley.

Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

It's old school and new school. It s unique and ubiquitous. It s yellow and white. It's red, white, and blue. It s one of America s favorite brands: a classic for nearly 60 years and still a fad-proof fan favorite. The Wiffle Ball remains the great equalizer, befuddling batters of all ages...