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Wiffle Ball tournament to Benefit the Strike3 Foundation
Oct 10th, 2015


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Golden Stick Wiffle League

A Backyard Game Taken Way Too Far

Volunteer Opportunities

Here at little fenway, we're always looking to improve the field for play and charity fundraising. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in donating time or resources to the field please feel free to contact us. Below is a list of improvements that are on top of the list.

  • Help on drainage improvements:
    • New farm road to Little Wrigley
    • French drain at Little Fenway
    • Improved drainage around Little Wrigley
    • Maintenance/repairs in grass parking lots
  • Improved wheelchair access to Little Wrigley
  • Building 600 club behind Little Fenway
  • Charity tournament help (May 31 - June 5, Aug 3-7)
  • Minor improvements to support behind Green Monster
  • Repairs to retired numbers
  • New infield dirt on both fields

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always getting questions about Little Wrigley - How far is it to center field? How tall is the brick wall? When was the field built? Well here are some quick facts to answer a few of those questions and so you can quiz your friends

  • Built in 2006-2007
  • Opening Day: August 10, 2007
  • Capacity: 2,000
  • Parcel size: 1.5 acres out of 11.0 acre lot
  • Scale: 23% of Wrigley Field from home plate to fences
  • Height of walls: 11.5 ft, 9.5 ft, 11.5 ft (left to right)
  • Baselines: 41.5 ft
  • Mound: 10 inches high
  • Pitcher's distance: 30.5 ft
  • Center field bleacher capacity: 12
  • Materials: pressure treated wood, 300 bags of concrete, brick stencil and paint, wire baskets, metal pipes for foul poles, ivy
  • Distance from Fenway: 949 miles

Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

Wiffle Ball: The Ultimate Guide

It's old school and new school. It s unique and ubiquitous. It s yellow and white. It's red, white, and blue. It s one of America s favorite brands: a classic for nearly 60 years and still a fad-proof fan favorite. The Wiffle Ball remains the great equalizer, befuddling batters of all ages...